Wedding Dancing

Couple at their wedding dance

Dance your way to your honeymoon!

Everyone loves a wedding, and what better way to kick off the party than with a great fun swing wedding dance! Whether you’re looking to create something slow and connected or upbeat and energetic, we can help you surprise and amaze your guests with fun moves to your favourite song. We can show you how to move to the music in just a few easy lessons. Plus, it’s a great way to connect with your partner during the busy months of wedding planning. There are many ways we can assist:

  • Lessons with one or two instructors
  • 5 Lesson Package available, or single lessons, designed to get you ready for the special day
  • Assistance with song selection or we can work with your song of choice
  • Coaching on performance aspect of your dance
  • Having a glass of wine with you and your partner and giggling profusely in between learning some steps
  • Basically, we‘re interested in making your wedding dance as fun, memorable and easy as you’d like.

Learning to dance can add that vintage flare to your wedding and it’s a beautiful gift to yourselves that lasts a lifetime!


The team has had the privilege of working with many wedding couples to help them feel comfortable, confident and stylish dancing at their wedding, and here are just a few of their experiences.

“After having swing lessons with Cathie, my husband and I knew we wanted to perform a swing dance for our wedding. Cathie was such a pleasure to work with. She created a really fun and simple routine that was easy to learn, especially for us rhythmically-challenged. She helped us choose a song that suited our personality, and then very patiently taught us the routine over a few lessons. On the day everyone was so blown away, and we were so proud and happy that we nailed the routine! A true testament to Cathie’s wonderful instruction and lovely personality. It was really special and one of the few shining moments from our wedding day that my husband and I will never forget. Thank you Cathie!

– Hayley and Adam


“The sheer fun of being able to dance well is something that I believe comes mainly from taking professional dancing lessons.  In our case, we felt very inadequate about our abilities (I had trouble with rhythm), and guess what, we were challenged! As we were mere novices, Cathie started from the very basics and built up our skill to the stage where she choreographed our ‘sway’ dance that we wanted to do for our wedding. Importantly, Cathie took us to the level that we were able to learn and knew our limits in the time frames we had. Over a period of 10 months, we had around 15 dancing lessons. With Cathie’s help, we were able to complete our wedding dance without a hiccup and were really happy with the ability to do so.

We could not recommend Cathie highly enough, as she has the patience of a saint and the skill of teaching; backed up by many years of professional dancing to provide the experience.”

– John and Gaye

We can also tailor a short taster class to teach on your wedding day to get your wedding guests in the mood for dancing!

Get in touch to inquire how Savoy Dance can help create a special and memorable dance element to your wedding.

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