Why Savoy?


The teachers and team at Savoy Dance are the most experienced the nation’s capital have to offer. Each have been swing dancing for 10-15 years, and have travelled extensively to learn from the best around Australia and the world. You benefit from having concise teaching and can progress faster. Advanced dancer? With years of experience as both students and teachers, we offer as much or as little individual feedback as you desire to empower you to improve at your chosen pace.

Meet our team

Start anytime!

Start anytime – You can walk in any week, with absolutely no prior experience, and learn to dance! We start from scratch and get you moving in the first few mins of class.

Passion & Fun

Your enjoyment is our priority; from the moment you walk in to the time you dance out the door. Light hearted and upbeat classes are what you can expect, with just the right level of technique to ensure you feel informed and challenged.


Savoy Dance offers swing dancing and Swing Train classes weekly, allowing you to get fit while having a blast and meeting new people. You can do up to 5000 steps in a one hour SwingTrain class, and lindy hop and Charleston are known for their energetic vibe.

Meet new people

A fun and dynamic group who socialise both on and off the dance floor. Canberra can be tricky to meet people, swing dancing is a fabulous way to meet new people to join a welcoming and inclusive community

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