Swing Dancing

Learn to swing dance!

Already know you’d like to swing dancing? If so, come find us:

Every Wednesday Night, Griffin Centre, Genge st, Canberra Centre
6.30pm Beginners 
7.30pm Intermediate
8.30pm Advanced (scheduled as requested – not currently running in 2022)

First time looking into swing dancing? We’re just a little bit biased but let us tell you why we love it so much!
Swing dance is the most free and creative dance we know of, and we’ve done A LOT of dancing. Swing Dance history provides some basic moves which can be re-assembled into countless variations, and interpreted to suit your personality and experience. When dancing Swing, nothing is ever done the same way twice. Swing Dance is athletic, high energy, musical, creative, subversive, joyful and exhilarating. Lindy Hop and Charleston were the most popular dances of the Jazz Era. And we teach these every Wednesday night!

Swing dances are danced widely in Canberra, Australia and the world. We have regular social dances, classes and training weekends. There are hundreds of swing dance events all over the world, and many of our teachers and students travel widely to attend training or social dancing events, which run from weekend events to several weeks long.

All classes are drop in, so you can start anytime! 

Here’s what you can expect:

In Beginners, we introduce a variety of dances and rhythms of swing, always teaching the basics from scratch in the first 10 mins to ensure everyone is on the same page. Monthly progressive themes allow you to progress comfortably and consistently while trying different styles and shapes. Jump on in and get dancing within the first hour!

In Intermediate, we build on your existing skills, by adding a level of technique to your rhythms, expanding your repertoire, experimenting with improvisation and introducing musicality and various tempos. We invite all dancers who have 6 months or more of classes under their belt to join in!

The Advanced class (scheduled as requested) is aimed at seasoned dancers who are looking to be inspired and challenged, and are likely to have been dancing at least a couple of years. Refine your quality of movement, be challenged with quick learning, discover your areas of improvement and take musicality & improv to the next level.


$17 for one class, $25 for two classes in one night
$12 for students and seniors, or $18 for two classes

Credit card facilities available at the door – small surcharge per transaction!

Save money with a class value card! They are convenient and cheaper than paying as you go. 6 class cards – $90 (a saving of $2 per class), or $60 for students and seniors.

We also offer Balboa classes and the only Blues dancing and SwingTrain classes in Canberra!

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