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Tuesdays Nights (stay tuned for when Balboa will resume in 2022)
Venue: TBA
6.30pm Beginners and Continuing dancers
Classes are coaching style so there is something for everyone!

…otherwise read on!

Some people say that Balboa is a dancer’s dance, and by that they mean – well, to be honest, we’re not entirely sure what they mean and they get a bit vague when we ask them, but we think it has to do with the tight levels of stretch/compression communication that happens at high speed between a Balboa dance couple, that can’t be seen outside the partnership.

Balboa evolved in the packed dance halls of 1930’s California as a close embrace dance for fast music, with tight turns and spins and fancy footwork. The dance halls were so crowded that travelling steps and break-away steps were banned, and Balboa evolved to fill the gap as a close dance done more or less in a single spot.

Dress-up clothes for Balboa tend to be more elegant than for Lindy Hop matching the more refined nature of the dance, and the tighter movements of Balboa mean that dancers are less prone to get overheated. But Swing dance events don’t require expensive clothes – for every couple dressed to the nines there will be another dancing in jeans and t-shirts.

The music for Balboa is fast. Fast, fast, fast. If you like Balboa we hope you like fast music, because that’s going to be the soundtrack of your dancing life. We were at a social dance once and the band started playing a super fast song and one of our Balboa dance friends came rushing out of the hall to find us. “Come dance with me!” she said, “They’re playing our tempo!”.

Balboa is like a sports car – fast and high energy, with fast spins for the follow; Balboa follows develop fighter-pilot reflexes.

Like all Swing dances, Balboa is socially danced as an improvised dance. This means that the couple make up the dance in the moment, based on the inspiration of the mostly-live-music, their individual skills, the atmosphere of the night and the other dances. Every Balboa dance is a unique experience.

And just to be contrary, there is also a super slow variant of Balboa, called, of course, Slow Balboa. We’ve included a video of it below.

Like all of our swing dance classes, our Balboa classes teach authentic contemporary Balboa. Our teachers regularly travel to national and international Balboa teaching and social events to remain in touch with the global Balboa scene. We love and respect the authentic Balboa history created by the original Balboa dancers, and also love how contemporary Balboa has developed.

Balboa Videos

Slow Balboa