Code of Conduct

People attending Savoy Dance classes and events deserve to feel safe, respected and valued at all times.

We welcome dancers of any gender dancing as a lead or follow and we celebrate cultural diversity. We encourage you to ask a stranger to dance, but put no obligation on dancers to accept a dance. Please decline respectfully and always consider the feelings of others on the floor.

There will be no tolerance for any physical, verbal, sexual or cultural harassment on the dance floor, in class or at any other time during any event.

For everyone’s safety please refrain from any aerials or lifts on the social dance floor. Please also avoid any uninvited feedback either in class or on the social floor.

The teachers and management at Savoy Dance reserve the right to take any action we deem appropriate to resolve any situations brought to our attention during the running of a Savoy Dance event or class, including asking any participant to leave the event without refund.

If you feel uncomfortable at any time in class or during social dancing, please make the issue known to Cathie Gough, Adam Smith or Michael Johns to talk about your concerns. We commit to keeping any complaint confidential if requested.

We wish you a joyful experience attending our classes and welcome feedback at all times as to how we make your dancing experience even more positive.

Feel free to view our Covid-19 Safety Plan.

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