Social Dancing

Happy Feet Fridays

Savoy Dance proudly hosts regular socials in the city! Social dancing is where the leather hits the floor, so to speak.

The idea of social dancing is that there is a place, with a band playing, and people come to listen to the band and dance. They might come as individuals, or with a partner. It truly is an authentic experience.

Let’s start with the formalities – Savoy Dance has a Code of Conduct, posted on this website, that applies to all our events, including social dances. We don’t tolerate any harassment of any person in any way for any reason, and will remove offenders without notice.

Swing social dances have a fairly relaxed etiquette, like a house party of friends. We don’t have dance cards to be filled in at the start of the evening. We teach all the etiquette for swing dance socials at our classes, or ask any of the teachers or event officials if you have questions.

Making it easy to catch up with friends for an early dinner out, join us for a social dance monthly on a Friday Night. We’re proud to host and support live music on the first Friday night of each month, which is the perfect opportunity to introduce new friends to your favourite habit. Join us from 7.00pm onwards as we get your weekend off to a swinging great start!

First Friday of each month 

All Saints Main Hall, Cowper st Ainslie

DATES IN 2021:
Friday 5 February
Friday 5 March
Friday 9 April
Friday 7 May – Celebrate our birthday!
Friday 4 June
Friday 2 July
Friday 6 August
Friday 3 September
Friday 1 October
Friday 5 November
Friday 3 December – Christmas Party!

Live music entry $18.
Everybody is welcome!

Savoy Dance is committed to running events that provide a safe and fun environment for all involved. Please familiarise yourself with our Code of Conduct when attending our events, and we look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!

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Blues Nights

Savoy Dance is thrilled to host a monthly Blues dancing night! Head along to try our class + social format for the gorgeous style of Blues!

The talented Steve Lade will teach the class part of our Blues night with Cathie Gough. Dancers of any level can come along to the 7-8pm class (perfect for beginners, or to brush up on existing skills), then everyone is welcome to stay on / join in for social dancing to some fabulous LIVE Blues music from 8-10pm!

$15 at the door for live music social only (from 9pm onwards), or $20 for class and social.

We very much welcome you to bring friends who already love the Blues, or whom you’d like to introduce to this lovely dance style!

DATES IN 2021:
Friday 12 February
Friday 12 March
Friday 14 May

Check our Facebook page for future dates in 2021!


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