Cathie Gough

Image of Cathie GoughCathie is the founder of Savoy Dance and really just loves to boogy! She has been swing dancing since 2003, and solo dancing for as long as she can remember. With a strong background in gymnastics and jazz dancing, Cathie has a passion for people, a genuine warmth, thrives on partner connection, and enjoys sharing one of the happiest dances in the world. After initially loving the adrenalin of fast lindy and aerials, Cathie developed a love for slower Blues dancing, and has been known to teach all types of Swing and Blues dancing around Australia. Cathie is a regular in the dancing scene, being a past member of both Brat and Scat Pack performance troupes in Melbourne from 2004, and was an original member of the Melbourne troupe Echoes of Harlem before moving to Canberra in 2009.

As a competitor, Cathie has won a few titles along the way including The Australian Hellzapoppin’ Prize (2012 and 2007), Fast Foot, Strictly Lindy and Jack and Jill. She was thrilled to be a part of Australia’s top 100 in the first series of So You Think You Can Dance and has made appearances on Dancing with the Stars and Underbelly Razor. Cathie has co-taught performance troupes in both Canberra and Melbourne for six years and has taught Swing, Blues and aerials workshops around Australia, in New Zealand and London.

Cathie (Savoy Dance) was incredibly proud to co-present Australia’s first ever Slow Swing Dance event – Slowdown – in October 2015 and 2016 in Canberra, bringing together the beautiful styles of Lindy Hop, Balboa and Blues in a weekend of dance workshops and live music.

Cathie loves meeting new people, and can’t wait for you to ask her for the next dance.

Adam Smith

Image of Adam Smith

Adam has been swing dancing for over 10 years after discovering it at a Neo Swing gig in Newtown, Sydney. It was a life changing event, seeing everyone dancing such a joyful dance and witnessing the smiles it brings with it. He was hooked for life. He loves the magnificent feeling when the music has that beat that your feet just can’t say no to. Having competed in The Australian Hellzapoppin’ competition (the fastest swing dancing competition in Australia) Adam’s passion is for the faster tempos, enjoying the craziness that Lindy Hop is all about.

Adam travelled to New Orleans in 2010 and loved dancing in the streets to the local jazz bands. One of his most memorable swing experiences was taking part in a Second Line parade through the streets of the French Quarter. It was such a joyous occasion with everyone brought together by the music and dance. Adam is really excited to create this for his students and the dancers of Savoy Dance, and see the joy and smiles that Lindy Hop brings.

Richa Rogan

Image of Richa RoganRicha has had a love of dance for her whole life. She took Ballet and Jazz lessons from a young age and was a passionate dancer through her early teens. Whilst she was traveling in her late teens and early 20’s, her passion for Jazz music drew her to Jazz clubs around the world. And it was in these jazz clubs that she first saw swing dancing and on several occasions was blown away by the joyful expression of dance that is swing. Upon returning to Australia, she was thrilled to find classes in Sydney.

The desire to share the dance with as many people as possible came about as a result of Richa teaching with Scott Cupit (Co-Director of Swing Patrol) in Sydney. Richa taught for over 7 years in Sydney offering Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced weekly classes, and workshops in many of the styles which fall under the umbrella of swing (Balboa, Shag and Aerials).  Richa’s teaching and swing passions start with a fierce love of social dancing; to be on the dance floor and to get as many people as she can onto the dance floor is where her heart lies. Her dance influence comes from dancers all over the world, and she is known among Swing aficionados as a wonderful aerialist, a joyful swing dancer, and generous teacher.

Adam Douglas

Image of Adam DouglasInitially a Ceroc dancer, Adam literally threw himself into the faster and more complex elements of Swing Dancing in 2003 in Sydney. Adam credits Swing winning him over with the lure of cool jazz music, dapper suits, and meeting his beautiful wife! Yes—the fashion was a big draw card.

With the basics under his belt, he taught for over four years with Swing Patrol including beginners Swing and Balboa, his favourite dance, and was a member of two performance groups.

Performing led to competition in Fast Lindy and his trophy shelf at home testifies to some successful events.

In 2012, Adam moved from Sydney to Canberra with his young family and  is excited to be teaching Balboa and Swing with Savoy Dance. And if you ask him nicely he might tell you about ‘the kick-ass jump’ outside the Sydney Opera House!

Sophie McLean

Sophie McLeanSophie discovered swing dancing through her long time love of jazz, with Ella Fitzgerald, Glen Miller and Lou Rawls some of her favourites.  After one social event, she was hooked, dancing 7 nights a week and loving every second of it.  Swing is the last of a long list of styes Sophie has danced and taught,  including 10 years of classical ballet, formal jazz, tap, character dancing, ballroom and hip hop. 10 years after discovering Swing dancing, Sophie has travelled all over the country learning from the best dancers in the country and internationally, and has enjoyed teaching at Church City Blues in Adelaide.  She has taught weekly classes for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced dancers in Canberra for over five years in both Lindy Hop and Blues. She has also choreographed for performance troupes and teaches private lessons.

Filled with a total passion for the dance and the social side of the swing dancing community, you’ll find Sophie always the first to ask you for a dance and one of the last to leave the building.  Sophie is excited to be teaching casually again.

Jamie Cherryh

Jamie’s first dance loves were Irish ceileidh set dancing and waltz; he loves the joy and irreverence the Irish bring to their social dances. Jamie also dances Contradance and studies Lindy Hop and Balboa, and regularly travels interstate and overseas for Lindy and Balboa courses.

Jamie taught martial arts classes for many years, studying how to explain movement art skills to beginners and advanced students, and enjoys using those skills teaching Blues Waltz with Cathie and Tap for Savoy Dance.

Jamie’s most notable teaching accomplishment is being asked to teach a waltz class at Herrang for a second time in 2015. Jamie’s fondest waltz memory is being asked by an old Scottish band master: “Jimmy, I’ll have to ask ye and your gel not to waltz past the band, because every time you do it the violins watch you both and forget where they’re up to”.

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