Swing dancing

Swing dancing (commonly referred to as the Lindy Hop) is at the heart of what we all love to dance and teach, and you too can enjoy this addictive and energetic dance every Wednesday Night at The Griffin Centre, Canberra City!

Wednesday Nights

6.30pm Beginner Bites (55 mins)

If you’d like to try this crazy thing called swing dancing, then this is the class for you. Completely drop in, with new and exciting content each week, you can start anytime!

7.30pm Intermediate Explorers (55 mins)

Been social dancing for a little while now and keen to consolidate your swing dancing further? This hour assumes dancers have been dancing at least 12 months and will introduce and combine many forms of swing dancing.

Savoy Dance classes will give the opportunity to explore:

  • 8 beat Lindy Hop from the beginning
  • Work on technique
  • Experiment with partnered Charleston
  • Dips and flashy moves
  • The performance side of dancing
  • Strolls including The Shim Sham, The Big Apple, The Trankey Doo
  • Blues & Balboa
  • Aerial steps – Beginner to Advanced
  • Advanced footwork variations
  • Musicality

8.30pm Advanced Swing (60 mins)

This class is designed to be challenging and rewarding and push dancers who have been taking level 3 lessons for at least 3 years, are comfortable dancing in and out of all styles of Charleston, are proficient in 6 and 8 beat Lindy Hop and may have had experience performing or competing. We rotate the teaching between 4 highly experienced teachers, all of whom have over 10 years each of extensive teaching, performing and competing experience.

We are thrilled to be able to dance with our peers and we invite you to join in if the above sounds like it’s you!

Time: 6.30pm – 9.30pm
Venue: The Griffin Centre, Genge street, Canberra City
Cost: $15 per class, $22 for two classes in a night. Class passes welcome.

Want to get more into the wonderful music and practice in between classes? We have created a Spotify playlist of some of our favourite swinging tunes so you can start or keep growing your music collection and dance all throughout the week!


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