Bal and Shag Peer Practice, Goulburn, June 2019

What is it?
The Canberra Balboa Peer Practice was created in mid 2018 and has been well-received by balboa and shag dancers alike for nearly 12 months. Occurring twice monthly, as the name would suggest, this is a peer to peer session, with no formal teaching – just dancers who are keen to practice and learn from others. No teachers, no structure, no classes. Just a floor, continual music and like minded people.

In 2019, the Bal Peer Practice continues bi monthly in Canberra, and due to its popularity, we have created a special weekend practice session halfway between Canberra and Sydney!

It’s no secret that if you want to get better, you need to practice! Classes are fabulous for learning new material, and the material and concepts are always better retained when you give yourself the opportunity to consolidate.

For this upcoming weekend in June, you will have the ability to practice what you like. Ask your partner for their opinion, or stand in the corner and shuffle. Stop after each technique and ask for feedback. Ask someone for help. Sit on the couch and watch Kelley and Mickey videos. It’s all up to you.

Where is it?
Goulburn, at the Railway Barracks private hotel. One hour from Canberra, and just under two hours from Sydney. Drive up after brekky on Saturday, and back in time for dinner on Sunday.

The Barracks has rooms with 1, 2 and 4 beds. There are shared bathrooms by gender. A large kitchen so you can make those special snacks or cater for yourself. Towels and linen are supplied.

We have hired the whole hotel to ourselves. It’s like a Balboa house party!

The dance floor, laid in 2018, is a beautiful timber, and is roughly 9m by 12m. It is not as slippery as some 60 year old wooden floors but is great for practice!

If the weather during the day is sunny, there is also a large deck to work on. *Please don’t fall off the deck!

You can view pictures at the Railway Barracks web site,

When is it?
Saturday 22 through to Sunday 23 June, 2019. Starting around midday Saturday, stay the night, and finish up lunchtime Sunday.

Am I good enough to attend?
Yes! Peer practice is an attitude thing rather than a level. If you have a list of things to work on and you don’t need a teacher directing you, you’re right to go.

What do we eat?
As part of the ticket, the great new is, all meals after lunch on Saturday are catered! We’ll have delivered Asian food Saturday night, a fry-up with cereal for brekky Sunday, and pizza lunch Sunday afternoon as we finish up.

If, for dietary reasons, you would prefer to bring your own meals, Goulburn town centre is only a few minutes drive away. Please get in touch to discuss with us if needed.

There are 2 parts to the package: accommodation and food.
Accommodation and facility fees are $95 per person.
The food package is $30 per person and provides :
• Asian meal Saturday night
• Fry-up breakfast Sunday morning, with extra cereal, toast, juice and so on
• Pizza lunch Sunday – and you don’t have to worry about a thing!

So for $125, you get one nights accommodation in a beautiful purpose-built dance facility, renovated in its entirety in late 2018, three meals provided without having to lift a finger, unlimited music and dance practice opportunity for over 24 hours, and a weekend away with great people!

If you don’t want the food package, you can purchase just an accommodation ticket. You can bring your own food or pick up something in Goulburn. (However you might struggle to get better value than three meals being provided for $30!)

We’ll also have some snacks and fruit to keep your brain fuelled and body pumping.

Who is organising it?
This is a Savoy Dance event, running under the Savoy Dance code of conduct.
The organiser and convener of Canberra Balboa Peer Practice is Jamie Cherryh.

If you have any questions not covered here yet email Cathie at or Jamie at and we’ll add them to the FAQ.

Anything else?
The hotel can only accommodate 44 people so that is our limit for attendees. When you register we’ll ask who you’d like to share a room with. Because there are a limited number of 1 and 2 bed rooms we’ll be allocating them to couples. The rest of the rooms are a 4- share with 2 bunks.

Refund Policy
Tickets cancelled up until Thursday 20 June will receive a full refund, minus $20 administration (TryBooking) fee. No refund after 20 June 2019.

Tickets available now! Register via Try Booking – places are limited!

Railway dance fllor

Railway Barracks dance floor


Railway Barracks deck and carriage by night