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Meet new people on the dance floor!

Meet new people on the dance floor!

We offer swing dancing, SwingTrain and Blues classes right in the centre of Canberra!

No experience or partner is required, just come along and meet new friends in class! Comfy clothing and flat shoes are recommended. In the heart of the city are opportunities to dance every week!

Savoy Dance classes will give the opportunity to explore:

  • 8 beat Lindy Hop from the beginning
  • Slow Balboa from highly experienced teachers
  • Work on technique
  • Experiment with partnered Charleston
  • Dips and flashy moves
  • The performance side of dancing
  • Strolls including The Shim Sham, The Big Apple, The Trankey Doo
  • Blues dancing
  • Aerial steps – Beginner to Advanced
  • Advanced footwork variations
  • Musicality

Dance throughout the week!

Savoy Dance is proud to be introducing Canberra dancers to different and unique styles of dancing from the 1920s-1920 – all danced in the Savoy Ballroom – and provide many opportunities to dance throughout the week! Try one, or come to them all! And nearly all classes are drop in, so you can start anytime!

Monday – SwingTrain

Wednesdays – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced swing classes

Fridays – Monthly live music social night and monthly live music Blues night

Saturdays – SwingTrain

What does it cost?

Swing classes are $15 at the door, or $11 for students and seniors. Or if you feel like taking two classes in a night, the second class is half price ($22 for two classes and $16 for students/seniors).

A 6 class card is available at the venue ($80 each or $55 for students/seniors) or by getting in touch. Passes offer you a great way to save on your Swing dance classes!

Simply present your card at any swing or slow balboa venue and get the class marked off. They are convenient, cheaper than paying as you go and give you an excuse to get up and dance as often as you can! Six class cards give you the following benefits:

  • Makes a great gift
  • Valid for any city Savoy Dance class (sorry, does not include special workshops, tap or SwingTrain classes)
  • Valid for 12 months and is transferable
  • Can be shared between two people.

Savoy Dance is committed to providing a fun and safe environment for you to learn, dance and meet new people, and ask our teachers and dancers to adhere to our Code of Conduct.