Savoy Dance

Image of the Savoy Ballroom

The Savoy Ballroom, inspiration for Savoy Dance.

Savoy Dance is about celebrating artists of dance and music, and having as much fun dancing as possible! The spirit of the Lindy Hop has captured the hearts of many – not least those behind the scenes at Savoy Dance. It is the pure joy that originated in the dance of the 1920s and 1930s that inspires us to keep on doing what we love, which is to share the dance as widely as we can.

We aim to create a community with integrity, whereby swing dancers and musicians are honoured, recognised and showcased . We invite artists of all nature to be involved with Savoy Dance, and encourage diversity in options for dancers.

Our classes are designed to foster and inspire creativity, style, innovation and most of all – a good time. Our aim is to help you develop confidence in solo and partner dancing, an awareness of your body movement and learn about rhythm. We teach strong fundamentals to get you dancing with ease as quickly as possible, but also share the rhythmic and playful side of the dance to inspire innovation and unique style.

The principal teachers at Savoy Dance have all been dancing for more than 10 years and have learnt in Melbourne (the biggest swing dancing community in Australia), Sydney, Canberra, and have taken collectively hundreds of workshops from the best dancers in the world. They have a keen love and talent for quality dancing and performing, as well as for Blues, Balboa, Aerials, Waltz and Tap. Oh, and did we mention jazz?

We’re excited to be contributing to the cultural development of swing dancing in Canberra. We can’t wait to see you on the dance floor!