Savoy Dance Open Day – Saturday 22 July!

Come and be a part of our Open Day where we will teach you the foundations of swing dancing in one intensive morning! Savoy Dance is Canberra’s premium and newest swing dancing school and what better way to see what we have to offer, than to try all the different dance styles available to you, and have fun meeting new people while you’re at it!

Our instructors have over 10 years teaching experience each and are excited to invite you morning of 30 minute taster classes and general dancing fun.

Is this workshop for me?
This workshop is ideal for those who want to start dancing and don’t know where to begin. It is also a great taster session for those who may have taken some classes already, or seasoned lead and follow dancers wanting to learn the opposite role in the dance or a new style.

No experience is required – everyone is welcome: beginner and experienced dancers, current students and those who learn elsewhere, all ages and background – if you’re keen to dance, we want to see you!

What to bring
Comfortable shoes (most swing dancers don’t wear heels), water bottle, lunch, mints, deodorant, spare t-shirt, small towel, band aids – swing dancing is exercise, and you may well break a sweat, so be prepared.
No partner required. Swing dancing is a lead & follow partnered dance, so you will need to register as a Lead or a Follow.

And if you like what you try, there will be discounts for our 6 card passes to do more swing dancing classes during the week!

What will I learn?
On 22 July, you can learn the basics of the following dance styles:

9.30-10.10am SwingTrain
10.15-10.45am Balboa
10.50-11.20am Slow Balboa
11.25-11.55am Charleston
12.00-12.30pm Lindy Hop

How do I book?
The workshop is $45 for the 3 hours of classes. Simply register through Try Booking and enjoy your dancing adventure!

Please email with any queries, and please feel free to check out our teacher profiles.